In this blog post, we look for the biggest differences between the two most popular business chat tools of the moment. Especially Microsoft Teams has managed to achieve a considerable increase in a short time.

Slack vs Teams

Slack is available as a basic version and a paid version. In the beginning, Microsoft Teams was only there as a paid application. Meanwhile, the basic version of Microsoft Teams has also become free, the main difference is mainly in the implementation.

Microsoft Teams is aimed at the larger companies and has an excellent integration with the existing office365 landscape. Many companies already make frequent use of office365, which makes the service quite easy to activate. Slack also has the advantage that there are a lot of integrations with third-party apps.

Both Slack and Microsoft Teams are available in a free version.

Office 365 is a starting point for the online workplace for many parties, the choice for Teams has been made faster, because of the easy integration. With Slack you have a tool that still lacks many of the integrations.


All you need to do to start using Slack is to enter your email address, which can be any email address. Compared to Teams, you must have Teams.

For companies it is often more difficult to add external members in Teams, in this case the user must be known in the AzureAD, because of security applications many companies have limited this. At Slack, the switch to adding users and external users is just a little easier.

Integrations with (third-party) apps

Slack has a huge library of applications to integrate with. More than 1500 applications, this goes from Google G suite, to Jira and bots for retrieving prices such as the statistics of the Bitcoin. Microsoft OneDrive, Outlook Calendar and Slack For Outlook are also available, so we can continue for a while.

Microsoft Teams is on the rise and therefore has fewer applications. An advantage is that there is integration with the Office365 suite. This gives you direct access to the apps from one central point.

New applications appear daily in Team Store, with which this offer will continue to increase.

The base

The basic functionalities such as sending messages, creating channels are the same in both Slack and Microsoft Teams, and the method of communication is also comparable.

Teams does have a very big advantage and that is the integration that is present with the Office365. For a paid license you not only get Teams, but also the entire Office 365 suite. In Teams, with the free version the user has the option to search unlimited number of chat messages, Slack has a limit. The free Slack version caters for 8,500 users, while there are 300 on Teams.