For a long time, the topic of Android system has been criticized by people is “stuck”. After long-term use, the running speed is much worse than before, which makes many users have headaches. Despite the great progress in recent years, there is still a certain gap compared with Apple iOS, but this problem can indeed be avoided in some ways, let’s take a look.

  • Why does Android always use more cards?

In fact, this is a topic that is often talked about. There are many reasons for the long-term use of Android phones . The system itself is on the one hand, and the environmental problems are bothering everyone.

In terms of the domestic mobile phone market, complex software ecology, colorful software stores, bloated software, and extensive system caches, etc. will cause our phones to become more and more used.

Friends who have used Android phones are aware that major rogue software is rampant and is always required to use various permissions, such as location information, photo information, etc., which is very cumbersome compared to the original overseas Android.

In general, for Android mobile phone users, it is very necessary to clean up the garbage and control the software background regularly. Next, I will recommend a few small methods for everyone to deal with the phenomenon of mobile phone jams.


  • Five size tips teach you to improve the fluency of Android phones

The next few recommended tips may not directly improve the problems of the underlying Android, but it is still helpful to develop good habits to improve the life and fluency of the machine. I hope you can study more on your own at home ~

  • One: Regularly clean up the bloated APP cache and garbage

The functions of domestic Apps are getting stronger and stronger, but what I want to correspond to is that the more they are used, the more bloated. Many APPs can simultaneously activate threads and sub-processes of various functions when they are started. In the early days, the app only occupied a few hundred megabytes or a few G of storage, but the more you use it, you will find that they even reach 20G, 30G or more.