In 2019, Samsung released the Galaxy A70, a strong mid-range smartphone that combined nice specifications with an acceptable sales price. This year Samsung comes with an update of that device, adapted to the year 2020: the Samsung Galaxy A71. Compared to its predecessor, this device has a new screen, new cameras plus more processing power. You just don’t get a phone case for that money. We dive into the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A71 and the importance of a matching phone case.

The design

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is equipped with a large 6.7 inch almost infinity Infinity-O Display. This screen delivers a Full HD + resolution for a razor-sharp image without immediately draining the battery completely. Where the predecessor still had a small notch at the top of the screen to facilitate the selfie camera, that has become a screen hole with the A71. It is only a small hole that is exactly in the middle.

At the back, a camera lens has been added compared to the A70. These are designed in a rectangular camera island.

Plenty of cameras

The selfie camera on the front of the device has become a whopping 32 megapixel camera, so plenty of razor-sharp self-portraits can be shot with this device.

The main camera on the back is a 64-megapixel one. This camera is also quite light sensitive, which means that you can also shoot clear photos in the dark.

In addition, the device contains a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens of 123 ° with which you can capture wide ‘landscapes’. For portrait photos, this smartphone is equipped with an extra 5 megapixel depth camera. You can separate the foreground and background, which can make the background extra blurry if you want, which is especially useful in portrait photography.

If you are a nature photographer in the making, you can fully indulge yourself with the 5 megapixel macro lens. This allows you to take extreme close-ups.

Other (missing) features

So the screen and cameras of the Samsung Galaxy A71 are fine. The battery in the device is a 4500 mAh battery. You can get through that for a day, but not much more. However, it is also quickly charged thanks to the 25 Watt fast charging function. Unfortunately, you cannot charge the device wirelessly; that is preserved for Samsung’s high-end devices, the Galaxy S series. The A71 is also not waterproof and not even splash resistant. That means you have to be careful during a rain shower (although a phone case already provides protection), and keep the device away from the sink and pool.

We already talked about the computing power; this device contains an octa-core processor that runs at a maximum of 2.2 GHz. You can also expand the A71 with a second SIM card and a memory card (expandable up to 512GB).

Phone cover: Samsung A71 cover

Of course you are careful with your smartphone, because it remains an expensive device. Fortunately, there are phone cases. You need a suitable Samsung A71 case to protect your phone against fall damage. A phone case can prevent the glass screen from being damaged. In addition, a phone case can prevent the housing of the phone from being damaged. Cracking the glass of your camera lenses can also be prevented with a phone case.

In addition, a phone case also gives you the opportunity to personalize the appearance of your phone. You choose the phone case that best suits your personality. For a suitable phone case for your Samsung A71, you can go to Covers Outlet . In addition to a phone case, you can also consider a screen protector if you want to be completely safe.