Create Your First Mobile APP In 5 minutes.

Since yesterday, the brand new platform for creating an app online is called TAB C. online. TAB C. stands for The AppBuilders Company . TAB C. is a combination of a showcase webshop and an app online platform. In addition to the apps made, showcase webshop section, you will also find questions and answers, video tutorial, services points, fun stuff, and other practical tips for your app to be made. The team behind the site has only one goal: happy app makers and users. TAB C. is a nice place for inspiration, consultation, development, showcase apps, products and support in creating and using an app.

Do you also want to be a stylist, cool, fun, unique and special in creating apps? This is possible with TAB C. TAB C. is an application platform where you can choose mobile apps. can make and develop. These tools are specially developed for tailor-made apps. to develop and make, for yourself or professionally such as small entrepreneurs. From simple to complicated, a competition app. for the club, a seniors day out app. choose from the many templates and customization options that we offer.

Register now and take advantage of our free introduction, sign up here and get free access to TAB C for 5 days.

News app
TAB C. provides the weekly app news in its own, young and fresh style. All types, apps. and modules are discussed. App developers and users can pass on tips so that the editors can investigate. Do you want to bring the news to TAB C. yourself? You can also do this by registering as a guest writer.

App arena
The founders have set themselves the goal to further develop the platform together with app users. That is why we opted for a platform in which communication between users and communication with the editors is central. There is a question and answer section and everyone can write reviews. Each article can also be appreciated. You can go there for app service points (from 2019), instructional videos and contact information from app designers.

Feedback – Reviews
The editors behind the platform will form an opinion (from 2019) on leading app products, modules, templates and mobile websites. Here too, the opinion of the TAB C. app. arena – community important.

Shop showcase
Of course a showcase in the webshop should not be missing on this platform and you can have an app there. designs, app. offer and purchase modules and templates. Once there is a community of sufficient size, the founders will put together unique deals that visitors can take advantage of.