Honest Review Of Honor MagicWatch 2

The MagicWatch 2 from Honor is a smartwatch with the look of a traditional watch. You can choose from different dials, from modern to traditional to artsy. You can even personalize the dial with your own photos, so you can go for your own style.

The 1.39 inch AMOLED screen, with a resolution of 454 by 454, can always be left on if you want so you can always see what time it is, this does halve the battery life. Anyway, the battery life is no less than 14 days, which was actually shown by our tests. So a halving when leaving the screen on all the time still gives a full week of battery life.

Honor MagicWatch 2 is available in two sizes, 42mm and 46mm, and in four colors, Charcoal Black, Flax Brown, Agate Black and Peach Gold. The watch is 45.9 mm high, 45.9 mm wide and it weighs 41 grams, so it does not feel very heavy on your wrist. It is available via the Honor website from 189 euros.

Charging the Honor MagicWatch 2 is very easy with the included magnetic charger. You simply place it on the charger and charging starts. After about two hours, it is fully charged. Commissioning the smartwatch is quite simple, but you have to be careful that you install the right app on your smartphone. Without thinking, you are looking for an Honor app, but you have to put the Huawei Health app on your phone. If it is on, then log in with your Huawei ID, or register for it if you don’t already have one. Then turn on the bleutooth on your smartphone and make the connection with the MagicWatch by clicking on the plus sign in the Health app. After giving permission, your watch is ready for use.

The operation is via the screen and via the two buttons on the right side of the watch. It all feels very robust and even when we accidentally rubbed against a stone during the test, it did not give any scratch or damage.

It all navigates very smoothly. If you put your finger on the dial for a long time, you can change the dial to your liking after a few seconds. The disadvantage of this is that if your hand or finger rests on the dial without thinking, it will also vibrate after a few seconds and enter edit mode. During our tests, the change mode was even activated up to 4 times because the sleeve of our jacket was on the screen in the rain on the bike. So perhaps Honor can make this a little less sensitive due to a software update.

By swiping left or right on the screen you successively get to the heart rate screen, the stress screen, the weather screen, the music screen and the rings screen.

The heart rate screen shows your heart rate at the time of viewing, your lowest and highest heart rates that day, and a graph of your heart rate during the day.

The stress screen gives an overview of your stress level, so whether you had any feeling of stress at all that day. They measure this based on your heart rate and a number of questions that you have to answer when setting the stress function.

The weather screen speaks for itself, which shows the weather forecast. The caveat here is that during our test the weather information was not automatically updated if we paired the MagicWatch 2 with an iPhone. However, if we used the recently reviewed Honor 9X smartphone , this was done automatically.

Via the music screen you can control the music playback on your (android) smartphone. You can also put and play up to 500 songs on the MagicWatch itself, which is useful if you go for a run without a phone and still want to listen to music. Of course you must have wireless bluetooth headphones in your possession. Or you should listen without headphones, but then the other athletes will enjoy your music.

Finally, on the rings screen you will see three rings that show the number of steps, the number of activities that day and the number of hours that you were active.

By swiping upwards on the dial you reach the messages you have received. These are notifications from apps on your phone, whatsapps, emails and text messages. However, you can only read the first few words of the messages and for WhatsApp you only see the sender, not the content of the message. You also can’t reply to messages, so it’s just a notification that you’ve received a notification or a message, which you then need to view on your phone. We think Honor can make the MagicWatch 2 even more interesting by enabling you to respond to messages and view messages through a software update. So not just the first few words.

Swiping down brings you to a menu where you can set the watch to do not disturb, temporarily turn the screen on, have your phone look up if you have lost it, set an alarm or go to the settings menu . In addition, you can see the battery level and today’s date.

If you click on the top of the two buttons on the side of the watch, you will come to a screen where you can start the following functions. Training, training data, training status, heart rate, activity data, sleep, tension, breathing exercises, call log, contacts, music, barometer, compass, messages, weather, stopwatch, timer, flashlight, find my phone and settings.

We explain a few. Sleep provides an overview of your sleep data. As on the Honor Band 5, which we recently tested , the MagicWatch is equipped with TruSleep, a technology that automatically tracks how you sleep, so how long and how deep, so you can improve your sleep quality. But if the Honor Band 5 is quite flat and we did not suffer from the device while sleeping, then the MagicWatch 2 is different, because it is quite large and thick, so it sleeps less. But again in the morning it was beautiful to see how long we slept lightly, slept deeply and how often we were awake.

The bottom button on the side gives access to 15 fitness activities. The watch records fitness variants including swimming, running, walking, cycling and rowing. In addition to tracking your activities, he also provides recommendations to improve your workouts.

Like the Band 5, the MagicWatch 2 is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters. So you can just keep it on in the shower and while swimming. He also records your swimming speed, the distance traveled, the number of calories consumed and the so-called SWOLF score while swimming. The SWOLF score are two variables that you add together, namely the number of strokes and the time. The idea is that if the SWOLF score drops, someone swims more efficiently.

You can make phone calls via your watch via the synchronized contacts, this is only available on the 46 mm version. This works amazingly well and the voices can be heard very clearly. The passers-by think so too, so you may have to find a quiet place first if you don’t want to come across as The Knight Rider calling his car (KITT).

Finally, we would like to mention the function Dual Satellite Positioning Systems. With this, the MagicWatch 2 very accurately registers your speed and route when you are cycling, running or walking. During hikes or climbs, the altimeter also records the number of meters climbed. You will never get lost again.

With the MagicWatch 2 Honor has made a smartwatch that looks more and more like a tough traditional watch, partly due to the adjustable analog dial and because the display can always be left on. Add to this the battery life of no less than 14 days, all the extra features, the very favorable price and the possibility to make phone calls and you cannot fail to conclude that Honor has hit the bullseye with this watch. Definitely recommended.