At the end of last year, MediaTek officially launched the Tianji 1000 mobile platform, becoming the world’s first chip to support 5G dual card dual standby. Today, MediaTek launched an upgraded version of Tianji 1000+, which is further upgraded for the application experience in the 5G era. Tianji 1000+ is the same as Tianji 1000 at the hardware level, and it brings a better 5G experience through software level upgrades.

The upgrade of Tianji 1000+ has four main directions, namely platform capability, power-saving technology, game technology, and display technology, which bring upgrades in four experiences.

Benefits of MediaTek Releases Tenji 1000+

Platform capability refers to Tianji 1000+ supporting a 144Hz screen refresh rate. Tianji 1000+ supports the industry’s highest 144Hz screen refresh rate. The screen is 2.4 times faster than the ordinary 60Hz screen per second. The screen display is more delicate and smooth. The visual experience can obviously feel silky and smooth.

144Hz perfectly matches the high-frame video, games, and other applications. Especially in the high-frame-rate game experience, the 144Hz screen refresh rate can greatly reduce the screen smearing and freezing, and the unprecedented smoothness allows players to get a better match in the game. Chirality, helping players take advantage of the game.

  • The world’s leading 5G connection with the lowest 5G power consumption

In terms of power-saving technology, Tianji 1000+ supports 5G UltraSave power-saving technology. The average power consumption is 48% lower than competing products at the same level. The performance of 5G power consumption is the world’s first. MediaTek’s exclusive 5G UltraSave technology can dynamically adjust the working mode of the modem according to the network environment and data transmission, including power configuration and operating frequency. Combined with BWP dynamic bandwidth control and C-DRX energy-saving management, the terminal’s 5G power consumption is fully reduced. In order to achieve energy-saving and power-saving, it brings longer-lasting 5G battery life.

As an enhanced version of the technology of Tianji 1000 series, Tianji 1000+ not only supports the world’s leading 5G technology, including 5G dual-carrier aggregation, the world’s first and currently the industry’s only 5G + 5G dual card dual standby, allowing users to enjoy 5G high speed all the time Connect, while also providing the most comprehensive 5G energy-saving solution, bringing the world’s lowest 5G power consumption.

Chip-level game optimization engine, full game scene optimization

For game optimization, Tianji 1000+ is equipped with MediaTek HyperEngine 2.0 game optimization engine. Based on the previous generation of technical advantages, it has been multi-faceted upgrades for game performance, network, peripherals, etc., to optimize the player’s full-scene game experience.

HyperEngine 2.0’s intelligent load control engine takes into account the smooth performance and low power consumption of the game, intelligently adjusts CPU, GPU and memory resources, accelerates game startup and transition, so that players do not waste time waiting, quickly enter the game one step, and grasp the competitive opportunities.

The newly upgraded network optimization engine provides the most complete continuous network solution for incoming calls. Under the 5G network, users do not have to worry about the interruption of the network connection caused by incoming calls during games or video calls, and they are always online at critical times. At the same time, HyperEngine 2.0 can make intelligent predictions based on network throughput and bandwidth requirements, to achieve intelligent switching between 5G and 4G, such as 5G online during gaming and 4G switching during standby, so as to achieve the best balance between bandwidth and power consumption, with long-lasting electric power.

HyperEngine 2.0’s control optimization engine brings full-scene low-latency anti-jamming technology. HyperEngine 2.0 is specially optimized for Bluetooth transmission. The sound, graphics, and control of game peripherals are synchronized to reduce delay. Bluetooth responds to zero-sensing jet lag, and the synchronization of sound and picture is first to catch people. The new anti-interference technology realizes efficient parallel transmission of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in all scenarios, which can effectively reduce Wi-Fi network delay.

New image quality engine, upgrade video experience

In terms of display, Tianji 1000+ is equipped with MediaTek’s exclusive image display technology, the new MiraVision image quality engine upgrades the video quality from the hardware and software layers, adjusts the color, brightness, contrast, sharpness, dynamic range, etc. of the video image frame by frame. Level optimization brings more refined visual enjoyment to mobile phone users.

Tianji 1000+ supports optimization of AI scene image quality, based on the powerful AI computing power of the independent AI processor APU3.0, combined with MediaTek MiraVision’s chip-level independent hardware, dynamically adjusting the contrast, sharpness, and Color, real-time frame-by-frame image quality adjustment of 4K video.

Tianji 1000+ chip-level MiraVision image quality engine can efficiently complete the real-time partition operation of 4K images, improve the high dynamic range of the video, enhance the ordinary SDR video source to the HDR display effect in real-time, greatly improve the contrast, brightness, Details, and clarity.

Tianji 1000+ optimizes the dynamic range and image details of the video frame by frame so that the native 4K HDR10 + video quality is more vivid and vivid, the color presentation is more delicate, and the picture layer is richer.

iQOO will be released on Tianji 1000+

As can be seen from the upgrade of Tianji 1000+, performance, power saving, games, and display are the functions that users are currently concerned about. Therefore, the upgrade of Tianji 1000+ can also be regarded as a special supplement for the current user needs Strong.

As a gaming mobile phone brand, iQOO, choosing Tianji 1000+ will enhance its gaming experience. After all, the upgrade of Tianji 1000+ will also be very helpful for improving the gaming experience.

According to MediaTek, 5G terminals equipped with Tenji 1000+ will be available in the near future.