News on May 12, according to Bloomberg News, market analysis agency KeyBanc Capital Markets released the latest research report. The report shows that due to the outbreak of the epidemic, Apple ’s iPhone sales in April fell by 77% year-on-year and 56% month-on-month.

  The agency analyst John Wynn believes that this trend for QualcommFor Apple suppliers, it is more disadvantageous.

  However, KeyBanc’s report also shows that Apple’s online sales have increased since March. However, this is still not enough to offset the impact of the closure of offline stores.

  John Wenn said in the report that iPhone sales showed moderate growth in the second half of April. Analysts believe it is unclear whether this situation will continue.

  On March 14, Cook announced the closure of all Apple retail stores outside of Greater China. The company initially planned to reopen retail stores on March 27, but due to the spread of the overseas epidemic, some stores did not resume operations until May. Globally, Apple has more than 500 Apple Store retail stores, of which 42 are located in Greater China.

  Apple ’s financial report for the second fiscal quarter of fiscal 2020 released in May showed that Apple ’s second-quarter net profit was 11.249 billion US dollars, a year-on-year decrease of 3%; net revenue was 58.313 billion US dollars, an increase of 1% year-on-year, of which iPhone revenue fell 7%; Mac revenue fell 2.9% year-on-year; iPad revenue fell 10.34% year-on-year; service revenue, wearables and home accessories revenue increased by 17% and 23% respectively.

  Previously, Goldman SachsA report released in April predicted that Apple ’s iPhone sales in the second quarter of 2020 may have a huge decline, and the decline may be more than one-third. To this end, Goldman Sachs downgraded Apple’s stock rating from “neutral” to “sell.” Goldman Sachs analysts have said that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic on economic development, iPhone sales may decline 36% year-on-year in the second quarter of this year.

  Last month, Apple released the second-generation iPhone SE, a low-cost mobile phone. According to foreign media reports, the company is still developing a number of new products, including new HomePod smart speakers, new Apple TV, and new MacBook Pro. As of the close of US stocks on Monday, Apple shares rose 1.57% to $ 315.